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Our Signature Dish: The Story Behind Our Grilled Red Snapper

grilled fresh red snapper with vegetables in baboulas seafood restaurant

Today, we're spotlighting a dish

that's as much a part of our identity

as the crystal-clear Mykonos waters,

our Grilled Red Snapper.

The Hunt for the Fresh Fish:

Every morning, before the sun paints the sky with its golden hues, Baboulas himself, and his trusted chef, heads to the local market. Here, amidst the shouts of vendors and the hustle of early risers, lies the secret to our Red Snapper's unmatched freshness.

"You need to look them in the eye – clear, bright, and they're telling you they're ready," says Baboulas with a wink, speaking of the art of choosing the perfect fish.

A Recipe Rooted in Tradition:

The recipe for our Grilled Red Snapper isn't just a list of ingredients; it's a story passed down through generations of fishermen. Infused with olive oil, seasoned with nothing but sea salt, and grilled to perfection, each snapper is a tribute to the Greek culinary heritage. "It's about respecting the fish and the tradition," explains Tasos, whose passion for Greek cuisine and simple recipes shine through in every dish he ever served in this tavern.

Why Our Customers Love It:

Our Grilled Red Snapper has become more than just a meal; it's an experience. The crisp, charred skin giving way to tender, flavorful flesh, and the harmonious oil & lemon sauce has our guests coming back for more. It's not just the taste, but the connection to the sea that resonates with every bite. "When they eat our snapper, they're not just in Mykonos; they're a part of it," Baboulas muses.

A Word from Baboulas:

"I've always said, a good dish tells a story, and our Red Snapper is a novel," laughs Baboulas. "It's about the sea, the land, and the hands that bring it all together. When you dine with us, you're not just eating; you're becoming a part of our story."

Join Us for a Taste:

We invite you to come and taste not just the flavors of Mykonos but the stories, the passion, and the tradition that make our Grilled Red Snapper a dish to remember. Book a table, take a seat, and let us serve you more than just a meal – let us serve you a piece of our history. Oh well, okay, and maybe even a piece of our "Portokalopita" if you play nice.


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