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Ouzo Time! Greece's Answer to Happy Hour

From Monks to Modern Greece: The Spirited Journey of an ouzeri.

Picture this: it's Ouzo o'clock at Baboulas Ouzeri, where the spirit isn't just in the glasses but in the air! Here, we're not just serving up Greece's favorite libation; we're pouring centuries of history, one ice-cold glass at a time. Ready for a sip down memory lane? Let's dive into the tale of ouzo – from its humble beginnings on Mount Athos to the notorious Mykonian shores.

An olive tree pot, marinated anchovies, shrimp saganaki, boiled greens
Casual summer lunch at Baboulas Ouzeri

The Ancestral Spirit: Ouzo's Holy Beginnings:

Long before ouzo became the life of the party, it was just a twinkle in the eyes of some innovative 14th-century monks on Mount Athos. Picture these robed figures, not just praying and fasting, but also distilling tsipouro, a potent brew that would father ouzo. Their secret? A dash of anise that transformed tsipouro into the first whispers of what ouzo would become. Talk about divine inspiration!

The Rise of Ouzo: Freedom in a Bottle

Fast forward to the dawn of the 19th century, and Greece is basking in the glow of newfound independence. What better way to celebrate freedom than with the perfecting of ouzo? This era saw the distillation of ouzo evolve, capturing the essence of Greek celebration and resilience in each bottle.

Ouzo Today: Greece's Cheers to the World

Enter any ouzeri, like our very own Baboulas Ouzeri, and you'll find ouzo reigning supreme. It's the drink of choice for those leisurely afternoons that start as the sun starts setting. But ouzo isn't just about sipping; it's about sharing – mezedes, stories, and sometimes, even your table with a stranger who becomes a friend by the last drop.

How to Ouzo with Flair: Baboulas' Tips:

  • Ice or Water? The Great Debate: At Baboulas, we lean towards ice. Witness the enchantment as ouzo morphs from crystal clear to a mystical cloudy hue with just a few ice cubes. It's a transformation as magical as the Greek isles themselves.

  • Mezedes Matchmaking: Ouzo and seafood are a match made in Greek heaven. At Baboulas, every sip of ouzo invites the briny kiss of the Aegean, perfectly paired with our selection of seafood mezedes.

  • Sip, Don’t Chug: Ouzo’s a marathon, not a sprint. Unless you’re racing to the bottom of the Aegean, take it slow and enjoy the journey.

  • Share the Love: Mezedes are meant for sharing. Or as we say at Baboulas, "What's mine is yours, and what's yours... is also up for grabs."

Not in the mood for the straight-up classic? Fear not, we've stirred up a little mischief behind the bar with our Ouzo Cocktail. It's like sending ouzo on a blind date with some unexpected flavors – and they hit it off! Consider it the adventurous cousin of traditional ouzo that even the purists can't help but sneak a sip of.

So, next time you find yourself yearning for a genuine Greek experience, remember, Baboulas Ouzeri's doors are always open. Bring your friends, or come make new ones, and let's raise a glass to the timeless spirit of Greece – ouzo.

Warmly swirling your next ouzo adventure,

Elena at Baboulas Ouzeri

The least gourmet restaurant on the island 😉


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