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The Tale of Baboulas: From Fisherman to Restaurateur

Once upon a time, in a small corner of Mykonos, there was a boy named Tasos. He wasn't your everyday kid; no, Tasos was born with the sea in his blood and a dream as big as the ocean. He was growing up fishing with his father, but an uncompromising thirst to experience life was always there. While most kids were learning their ABCs, Tasos was dreaming of ABC - Adventure, Boats, and Culinary explorations!

A fisherman named Baboulas prepares his fishing boat for action.

He wasn't yet at his late teens, but he decided that to travel the world was his hope for a better future. Working on ships, was his opportunity, and he grabbed it.

Baboulas: The Making

He spent years sailing the seven seas, working harder than a one-armed deckhand. He visited lands so far that even Google Maps would get tired searching for them. In every port, Tasos wasn't just filling his pockets; he was filling his head with stories, recipes, and a mishmash of languages. "Bonjourno! Wait, is it Ola? Or was it Hello?" he'd often mix up. Until he didn't, and now, he speaks 7 different languages. Yes, you read well.

But as they say, you can take the boy out of Mykonos, but you can't take Mykonos out of the boy. One day, feeling the pull of his roots stronger than a filled mug of Greek coffee, Baboulas decided it was time to drop anchor for good. Coming back, he found that the island had changed – it had more tourists than a free buffet. And Tasos? He wasn’t the same fish in the sea anymore. He had become Baboulas.

Baboulas returns

So, what does a world-savvy sailor do? He opens an ouzeri, of course! Combining his wife Petroula's cooking - so good that it could make even the gods crave a reservation, his love for the sea (which, by the way, loved him back), and his knack for making friends faster than you can say "Yamas!"

Baboulas Ouzeri* wasn't just a restaurant; it was a piece of his heart. He invited friends from across the globe - "Come find me by the red boat!" he'd say. And they came, oh did they come, like seagulls to a fisherman’s bucket.

Ouzeri stands for a type of Greek tavern which serves ouzo (a Greek liquor) and mezedes (small finger food plates).

Baboulas Ouzeri

If you're ever in Mykonos, look for the restaurant with the most laughter spilling out its doors. That's Baboulas Ouzeri. And Baboulas? He’ll be the one with a story ready, a glass of wine in hand, and a joke up his sleeve. "You know, I once caught a fish this BIIIIG..." he'll start, and before you know it, you're part of the Baboulas saga.

So, here’s to Baboulas – the man who left to see the world and came back to bring the world to his little Mykonian shore.


And there you have it, the larger-than-life tale of our very own Baboulas. And, if you crave more tales and tasty plates, find our adventures and daily feasts on Instagram.

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